Monday, January 7, 2013

Catch up

So it's been a while. I didn't take a computer with me while we were traveling for Christmas and blogging from my phone app is hard for me. Anyway, a lot happened in the time I've been away. Here's a recap of some of it.
  • I turned 32. My birthday was great! Bill got me an amazing new camera for my birthday! Turning 32 wasn't really a big deal to me. Getting older has never bothered me. I will say I felt older than ever before on my birthday. That may have been due to the arrival of our little man.
  • Will turned 5 months old!! He is getting so big!! And I thoroughly enjoyed watching him during his first Christmas. Especially getting to me all of our extended families. I can't wait until next year when he understands what is going on!
  • Christmas! It was a whirl wind. We did our gift exchange prior to our trip. The baby wasn't really sure what to do with the gifts. So, he mostly tried to eat the paper.
Then, of course, he just tried to eat some of new toys. He seems quite fond of his fish bowl and its components, especially crinkly crab.   
  • Then, we headed to my dad's for a few days for Christmas with my side of my family. Then, we made the 7 hour journey from my dad's to Bill's family and another Christmas.
  • My grandmother turned 90! Our family gave her a surprise party and it was wonderful. It was great to see my whole family together again. It has been awhile since we were all together.
  • When we got home, someone was really happy to see his jumper.
  • And rolling finally returned!! Anytime I put him down he starts rolling from his back to his tummy. Still not going from tummy to back, but I guess we will get there when he's ready.

  • Here is a final picture of my two favorite guys!!










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