Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So What! Wednesday

So What WednesdayI haven't been participating the past couple weeks but I'm back this week. Here's what I'm saying So What! to this week,
So What If:
-I haven't read the blogs I follow in like 2 weeks. Don't worry I still love you guys--just been crazy busy.
-I am so over being a single parent! Bill has been gone since last week for work and I am ready for him to return. I don't know how single parents do it. It makes me so grateful that I have a wonderful, supporting, helpful partner the majority of the time!
-I continue to tell people I'm 31 even though I turned 32 in December. I have no idea why I can't remember my actual age. It doesn't bother me that I'm 32 at all. Maybe it's because I had a 5 month old at the time of my birthday and was just so sleep deprived that I forgot it?? I don't know but I need to start claiming 32 since I will be 33 soon!
-I didn't make a menu plan this week since Bill was gone. We have had Publix rotisserie chicken most of the week. Sad I know, but I did make a lot of veggies from our farm share to go with it each night so it was like a totally different meal, right?
-I'm upset that it's raining today (my day off) but it was sunny on the days I worked. The forecast says it will be sunny Thursday and Friday--of course I work those days.
-The baby woke up at 5 minutes until 6 this morning when I could sleep in but always sleeps until 630-7 on the days I have to go to work.
-I'm pretty sure I'm going to be extremely lazy all weekend.
-I haven't worked out in like 10 days--probably not going to happen anytime soon (see above).
-I forgot to feed the fish yesterday. Sorry guys. They will survive. I mean they go like a week in wild without food I think.
-My nieces birthday party is in about one week--no present yet, no idea for a present yet. She's going to be 4. What do you get 4 year old little girls for their birthday?
-I ordered some cute tops from Ann Taylor this week and they arrived this morning. I immediately changed my shirt to one of the new ones. I couldn't wait because it's been a while since I went shopping for myself. Plus, I wear scrubs to work so I'd have to wait until Saturday if I didn't wear it today.

What are you saying so what to today??

William is One!

Last Wednesday, William turned one! It was a very special day for us. It is hard to believe it has been a year since he was born. So many people kept telling me that I know longer had a baby, but I don't believe that at all. He's still a baby to me and probably will be for a long time to come. It will always be an emotional/special day for me. It's the day I became a mother. William changed that status for me. I had not always seen myself as a mother; I wasn't sure I even wanted children but from the day I found out he was coming I knew I wanted him more than anything else. And I still feel that way. I can't imagine life without my sweet little boy.

Here are the stats:
-Height: 31.75 inches tall! My little guy is officially half my height and he is only one year old. That is crazy! Guess he's going to be tall like his daddy.
-Weight: 23+ lbs. We actually thought he was going to weigh more and I'm still not sure it's right. He kept pushing on the sliding part of the baby scale so she finally called it.

-Clothes: all size 18 months, except for one 12 month shirt that still fits somehow!
-Shoes: size 5 but they are too small again. This kid has really big feet!
-Diaper: size 4
-Favorite toys: Balls of all colors and sizes! His little people farm animals, mega blocks (birthday gift from grandma Mary), his new turtle he picked out himself

- What's new this month?? He's talking all the time--mama, dada, nay nay (his cousins name is Nathan), ball, bottle, no, bye bye, dog. He even said yellow once!
-The most exciting thing this month is walking!! He took his first two steps 3 days before his birthday and we were shocked! We were in the kitchen and he let go of the freezer drawer handle on our fridge and took two steps toward us! Almost every day since he's taking at least 3 steps. He even took 7 steps once!

-I look forward to this next year. I'm sure it will be just as amazing as the first and I can't wait for each new thing, William learns. He's such a happy baby and we enjoy each day that we are blessed to have him in our life.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hello again!

It has been a while since I've been on here. Between vacationing, working, and planning/having our little guys birthday party, I haven't had much time for anything else. I feel like I'm so behind with everything else. The house is a mess, laundry is piling up, and I feel like I may never catch up on any of it. Maybe I should think about getting a cleaning lady just to get things straightened up so I can start with a "clean" slate. Wonder if I can talk Bill into that one?? I doubt it. I worked 4 days last week which didn't help matters at all.

Like I said earlier, we had William's birthday party this weekend. It is hard to believe that a year ago tomorrow our little guy was born. This past weekend we had his birthday party. It was good. It took a while but I finally found a lady on Etsy to design his invite for me and I love how it turned out!

I wanted to have all his monthly pictures so everyone could see how he's grown over the past year!

 All 6 of his grandparents were able to come. I don't think they've all been here at one time since our wedding in 2010. Basically, we had a pool party with our family and close family friends--over 40 people in all! It was crazy. William had a great time playing with his cake and swimming in the pool.

He had no interest in opening his presents so basically I had to do that for him.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Prince William!

I decided to clean a lot of photos off of my phone today (mostly due to the limited space warning) and here are a few of my favorites of our little guy!

He definitely loves the pool!

Nap time!

Smiling happy baby!

He lost his horse in his bib pocket and couldn't find it for several minutes! It was cute watching him search for it.

Found it!

I love my new swing!!

Look what some one figured out how to do...standing without holding on to anything! Next step walking!
This is what happened when we let him try Bill's lemon at the Mexican restaurant the other day. I love that face!

He's such a sweet baby. He's trying to share his snack with Mr. Bear.

So What! Wednesday

So What WednesdayIt's time for another So What Wednesday link up with Shannon over at Life after I Dew.

Here's what I'm saying so what to this week. So what if:

-I came downstairs this morning after putting the baby down for his nap and immediately had some Coke. I know I'm supposed to be giving it up but this mama hasn't been sleeping well and I needed both caffeine and sugar today!

-I am not excited about working Friday. Life in a pharmacy the day after a holiday (on which we are closed) is crazy! Plus we will be short handed. Oh yeah, and two of the pharmacists (yours truly included) have been there about 6 weeks.

-Two of my best friends came to visit this weekend and I miss them more now that they are gone than I did before they came to visit. My husband says I've been depressed since they left.

-I am dreaded the drive to Bill's parents house Friday after I get off work. Late night drives aren't my all.

-I want a new haircut but have no idea what to do to it. My hair frizzes so much since I've had the baby. I don't remember it being this bad before I had him.

-I ordered William's invitations for his birthday. I got them from Etsy and they are so cute. Thank you so much to the wonderful reader who recommended I look there. I can't wait until the lady sends me the proof!

-I've had my two Netflix movies for over 3 weeks now. Guess I'm not getting my money's worth this month.

-Every time I wash my car it rains. White car plus wet roads equals brownish car.

-I got new plants for my fish tank and the fish keep digging them all up so the tank looks worse than it did before I worked on it.

-My husband's furlough due to this sequester business started this week. While I'm not excited about loosing some of our income, having him home earlier and on all Fridays will be nice. Got to look on the bright side!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

11 months old!

I originally tried to post this last Tuesday but it never showed up on the site so I figured I'd just add to it and repost for today!

Last Monday (June 24th) our little guy turned 11 months! I can't believe he is almost one year old! He's grown so much since the day he was born.

  • Weight: 22-23 lbs--I'm guessing. Our scale is not that accurate.
  • Height: 31-32 inches--he's a tall guy
  • Diaper: Size  4.
  • Clothes: size 12 months and18 months, he is not a fan of shoes so we are still on the hunt for a shoe he will wear.
  • Teeth: he has 6 teeth-2 on bottom, 4 on top. Two more are coming in on the bottom
  • Toys: He loves his activity table and his stacking cups the most. He loves all types of balls (such a little boy). Moo is still his favorite book. Playing outside is also a new favorite since we put up his kiddie swing.
  • Walking: not yet, crawling everywhere and walking along the furniture but no walking on his own yet. He will stand on his own which is new for this month but no actual steps yet.
  • Food: He will eat anything at all. He really loves tortillas and chicken right now. He will eat all veggies and fruits we have tried so far.
  • William is such a sweet little boy who is open to playing and sharing his toys with everyone around him.
  • He LOVES people. Two of my best friends from college came to visit this weekend and he loved them both instantly.
  • Another new favorite is dogs. We don't have a dog but my sister in law who keeps him while I work has two. Since he's been spending time with them, he notices and wants to touch every dog he sees now.
-Mama and Dada are still the only two words we can make out. He says ba when he wants one of his balls so I think ball will be his next word.
-We are still working on baby sign language too. He can sign more, milk, play, and finished. We've started doing sleep, bath, and water but it's only been like a week so he's not ready to respond with those yet.