Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So What! Wednesday

So What WednesdayI haven't been participating the past couple weeks but I'm back this week. Here's what I'm saying So What! to this week,
So What If:
-I haven't read the blogs I follow in like 2 weeks. Don't worry I still love you guys--just been crazy busy.
-I am so over being a single parent! Bill has been gone since last week for work and I am ready for him to return. I don't know how single parents do it. It makes me so grateful that I have a wonderful, supporting, helpful partner the majority of the time!
-I continue to tell people I'm 31 even though I turned 32 in December. I have no idea why I can't remember my actual age. It doesn't bother me that I'm 32 at all. Maybe it's because I had a 5 month old at the time of my birthday and was just so sleep deprived that I forgot it?? I don't know but I need to start claiming 32 since I will be 33 soon!
-I didn't make a menu plan this week since Bill was gone. We have had Publix rotisserie chicken most of the week. Sad I know, but I did make a lot of veggies from our farm share to go with it each night so it was like a totally different meal, right?
-I'm upset that it's raining today (my day off) but it was sunny on the days I worked. The forecast says it will be sunny Thursday and Friday--of course I work those days.
-The baby woke up at 5 minutes until 6 this morning when I could sleep in but always sleeps until 630-7 on the days I have to go to work.
-I'm pretty sure I'm going to be extremely lazy all weekend.
-I haven't worked out in like 10 days--probably not going to happen anytime soon (see above).
-I forgot to feed the fish yesterday. Sorry guys. They will survive. I mean they go like a week in wild without food I think.
-My nieces birthday party is in about one week--no present yet, no idea for a present yet. She's going to be 4. What do you get 4 year old little girls for their birthday?
-I ordered some cute tops from Ann Taylor this week and they arrived this morning. I immediately changed my shirt to one of the new ones. I couldn't wait because it's been a while since I went shopping for myself. Plus, I wear scrubs to work so I'd have to wait until Saturday if I didn't wear it today.

What are you saying so what to today??

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  1. New clothes are the best! I have to put my new clothes in the wash after I buy them so that I can wear them right away!
    Doing the single parent thing is hard!! I also don't know how they do it and admire them!