Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Review

We had a seriously busy weekend around here this past weekend. We finally got all of our donations over to Good Will. Thank goodness. We ended up donating four bags full of clothes and shoes. I am glad it is all gone to a new home and out of ours. It felt good to finally get it out of our front room. We also donated our old Christmas tree since Bill has promised I can get a new one for this year! Hurray! We also donated all of the baby formula that people had given us to the church since breastfeeding is going well we won't be needing it. Then, we managed to get our grocery bag for the Thanksgiving food drive filled with the necessary items and returned to the church.

We took time out from all the house cleaning to watch football on Saturday! Mississippi State finally ended its loosing streak! Hurray! Someone wasn't able to stay awake for the whole game!

The next few days around here are going to be really busy as we prepare for all our holiday travels. I am not looking forward to driving 4.5 hours to my dad's house. Then, two days later drive 5-6 hours to Bill's family on the coast. All of this with a 3 month old!! Hopefully, it will all go well. We got Will's new car seat in this weekend so we are planning to try it out on this long trip. We never expected to get a new seat this early but he is so long he barely fits in the infant seat anymore. It seems ALOT safer than his infant seat. We got a Britax Marathon and it seems stronger, sturdier, and just all around SAFER than the old seat. This makes me wonder if we shouldn't have just started with this seat to begin with. Although it was nice to be able to take the infant carrier in places when he fell asleep in the car. I'm sure he will love the new seat and be more comfy on our upcoming journey!

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