Thursday, February 14, 2013

Busy, busy, busy...

Photo: Somebody's super happy today!
Today is a really busy day! We are going home this weekend to visit my dad and step mom. So getting all the baby's things ready takes me forever! Traveling with a 6 month old is like packing as if you were moving in for a month not just for a weekend! I always have to pack up the majority of his/my stuff the day before or we will never leave on time. I always felt like I over packed for myself but after packing for him, I don't think so. If anyone knows how to pack less but still have everything we need for the baby, I would definitely like to know how you do it!

Additionally, I have to do all the laundry today. Can't pack until the laundry is done. The baby had a leak the other day which means we are down one sleep sack. We most definitely can not go without that extra sleep sack! There is no sleep around here without one. I feel like the sleep sack signals to him that its time to sleep, without it he thinks it's playtime. Of course, I had already done the baby's laundry for the week when this happened. I usually do ours over the weekend but since we won't be here, it's got to be today.

Luckily, I cleaned the house because we were supposed to have company over on Tuesday. They had to cancel but the house is already cleaned! Hurray for one thing that doesn't have to be done.

Thanks goodness Bill will have Monday off for President's Day! He can help me get everything else done when we get back--like the grocery shopping. We've been doing pretty good with meal planning. The worst part is the shopping for me bc it's hard with a 6 month old. He doesn't always like the sit in the cart or he tries to eat it. Hopefully, that will change soon.

Want to know how to feel like a culinary failure?? Try putting food in your crock pot while watching Top Chef! Yep that's me...terrible I know.

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