Tuesday, April 16, 2013


-I've been gone for a while. We just got back from Mississippi from visiting my grandmother. I didn't take my computer with me and I hate blogging on my phone. It turns out she had several small strokes. She is doing a lot better now. A few a day she was released from the hospital. Her speech is improving, as well as, her hand strength. She's currently in rehab trying to strengthen her legs so she can go home. I appreciate all the emails sent to me asking about her. It is nice to know so many people care. 

-In happier news, our little guy has turned into a crawling machine. He just goes wherever he wants to go. After last weeks Kleenex incident, I have turned the bottom shelf of the side table in to his shelf. It is filled with his books that he can pull down and play with when he wants to. He is getting into everything! Also, he has learned how to go from crawling to sitting by himself. He is growing up so fast.

-We got a new hot water heater. It is amazing! I didnt' realize how bad ours was until we got the new one! I think I had forgotten how wonderful an actual hot shower is. I think I may have turned into a prune while taking a shower this morning!

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