Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Today I'm linking up with Jennifer for another Thursday's Thoughts:

-How much will it cost to fix our fish pond? When we moved here the previous owners said it worked. I'm sure it does except the cracked liner! If you can't hold water, you are not a functioning pond in my opinion. I would really like for it to work but I'm not interested in spending a fortune on this. It is small but the liner is held in place by huge landscaping rocks. I think labor alone will be a fortune. There is no way we can do it ourselves. We do not have the equipment/strength to lift these giant rocks. My husband is considering spraying Flex-seal on the current liner and seeing if it works. Is flex-seal toxic to fish/plants? I can imagine how beautiful it will look with little orange fish and water lilies in it. I may have let my imagination get ahead of my so if it is not too expensive to fix I may try to talk my husband into it.
-When is the right time for us to consider having a second baby? People seem to be all over the place on this question. Some people swear 18-24 months is the perfect age. Others are telling me 3-4 is much easier. William is almost 11 months old and I am not ready for a second right now. I think my husband would be thrilled if I were pregnant right now but his experience isn't the same as mine. It is crazy enough chasing him around right now. I want them to be close enough in age to play together but not so close that I'm having to nurse two babies at the same time. Is that even possible?? I am also 32 years old and don't want to be 40 and pregnant or still changing diapers. I keep hoping that I will just know when the time is right.


  1. Mine are exactly 2 years apart (2 years, 2 days). I love it. Missed my shot to have another one exactly 2 years apart and now... not so sure that I will go for three!


  2. My are 4 years apart but that wasn't exactly my choice. If I have another one it will (hopefully) be less of a gap. The age difference is actually nice, but I'm not getting any younger over here!

    Thanks for linking up!

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  3. I have heard that it is possible to nurse two kids at the same time. It is called tandem nursing, and your body goes back to making milk that is appropriate for the newborn (colostrum, etc). Not that I have any experience in it, but I have been reading about it lately! Good luck!