Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday iPhone dump

I've never linked up for this one bit here goes.

-This week we borrowed an activity table for William from my sister in law. He loves it. I am already getting sick of the sound of it but he loves it so I'll get over it!


-William is really excited about laundry. He loves it--playing with it, watching me fold it, just playing with the basket. I'm sure when he is a teenager I will be begging him to fold his laundry.
-This is the crazy looking plant Bill got me for winning his office pool NCAA tournament. I love it! It is such a vibrant bright color. The petals feel like paper--it is strange!

-Wednesday, we went out for sushi for lunch. William was really interested in the chopsticks. He ate almost all of his rice off of them and refused his spoon. It was cute.

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