Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So What! Wednesday

I've been away for a while but today I'm back linking up with Shannon for another So What! Wednesday.
So What Wednesday
Today I'm saying so what if:
  • I haven't blogged in over a week. I started a new job, we were away for a long weekend, and I've been trying to spend all my free time with my little man. I've been busy.
  • Speaking of starting my job last week, I cried like a baby leaving William for the first time. It was horrible. I seriously doubted whether I should have gone back to work.
  • I've been waiting for naptime so I could start watching last seasons True Blood. I got it with my credit card points so that's like free, right?
  • I am addicted to these Flipz white fudge coated pretzels...thanks to my father in law.
  • The house desperately needs to cleaned--I haven't mopped in a week. See items 2 and 3 for the reasons why.
  • William turned 10 months last Friday and I haven't figured out his birthday party yet.

  • My lillies in the front yard finally bloomed. I have been working on them for years. I am so excited about this.

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