Wednesday, May 29, 2013

10 Months Old!

My little guy turned 10 months old last Friday! I can't believe its been 10 months! Here are the stats:
  • Weight: 22-23 lbs--I'm guessing. Our scale is not that accurate.
  • Height: 31 inches--he's a tall guy
  • Diaper: Size 3 but should be 4. When we finish this box we will be moving on to the 4s
  • Clothes: size 12 month with a few 18 months, he is not a fan of shoes.
  • Teeth: he has 6 teeth-2 on bottom, 4 on top. Two more are coming in on the bottom
  • Toys: He loves his activity table and his stacking cups the most. His GA Tech volley ball is still a favorite. Moo is still his favorite book. Playing outside is also a new favorite
  • Walking: not yet, crawling everywhere and walking along the furniture but no walking on his own yet.
William is growing every day and it is amazing to watch! I can't believe this little guy is almost one year old.



  1. He's so big and adorable!!! Look at that smile! :)

  2. Mackenzie is super tall too, but not that tall, she was 31 inches at 12 months. People think she's 3 now and isn't even 2 yet, because she's so tall! She also hated shoes until this spring. I made shoes a requirement to go out on our porch, so now she loves shoes. :)
    He looks so happy and has a great smile!

    1. I'm hoping when he starts walking he will like to wear shoes. Right now we make him wear them to church but he still tries to take them off. Thanks--he's a really happy baby!